~~King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard~~2014~~

Oddments is a small and somehow 'childish' album. The songs revolve around mundanities and aspects of everyday life and living, but seen through a poetic and metaphorical lens. Like dreaming; the songs and lyrics are about everyday things, considered through a purely emotional view.

The instrumentation is noisy and scratchy. This initially turned me off from the album at first, frustrated that I couldn't figure out how to enjoy this damn noisy garage band, but after enough listens, it ended up sounding quite nice. The melodies are at times very complex and very beautiful, but unfortunately isn't as audible as the big shitty scratchy guitar. Certain songs are so noisy and scratchy at points that I actually thought that there was something wrong with my headphones or the CD itself, but no, that's just part of the show.

King Gizzard has many good albums, but this one probably my most listened one. The simple poetry and happy tunes make it a favorite for casual listening while walking, skating or otherwise. I think that the initial struggle that I had with trying to enjoy the album make my eventual understanding and enjoyment that much better. I commend Oddments for taking up an interesting space in my memory, which although is something that cannot be actually measured, it is the highest honour here on my site.