Installing OpenBSD

I'm installing OpenBSD today to dual-boot with my main OS, Artix. I'm really excited about this because OpenBSD looks really cool, but I'm also really nervous.
When I switched to GNU/Linux for the first time, the original plan was to dual-boot with Windows so I could keep playing my gaymes, but I somehow fucked my Windows partition (I actually don't even remember what I did wrong, I was fuckin around with UEFI shit, I couldn't tell you what it was kek) and I lost all my files and shit. While I think I must've learned since then, there's still the off-chance that I shit up. Although if I do fuck my partitions, I doubt the it'll be as bad as my Windows dual-boot. I've finished backing up my website and programming shit last night, so I won't lose any important stuff, so I can continue screaming into the void with this shitty website.
so uhhh, signing off. If you don't see me for a while, you know where I went