Installing OpenBSD part 2

I was planning to write this one a little sooner than I did, but TL;DR, installing OpenBSD was an unsuccessful endeavor. No, I didn't fuck anything up during installation like I was so worried about in the last blog post, Instead, I spent the better part of a week trying to create install media on a USB drive to no success, before eventually remembering that OpenBSD is notoriously hard to install on most laptops. So, my goal has now become to at some point get me a T420 or a T430 ThinkPad. I'm currently out of a job (not exactly, actually but whatever. I might write a blog post about that soon) so coming into money is gonna be a tough. Hopefully I can come into money soon because apparently, old ThinkPad models are selling like hotcakes right now, and rising in price very quickly. That's pretty much it. See ya in a couple of days.