What to do? (Profound boredom)

been a while since the last one. sorry about that. I felt like writing something today because I'm kind of in a rut and needa do something. This is probably just a one time slump and not worth writing anything about but whatever. Recently, videogames and movies haven't been stimulating me. All I do these days is play Counter Strike with boys on Discord and sit around. I haven't created anything of value in quite a while, and I'm afraid that I've forgotten how. I feel unsatisfied. While part of me thinks that I shouldn't be worrying because I'm still young enough to figure shit out, I can't help but feel shitty. None of my IRL friends like doing anything really other than staying indoors and playing videogames. As I'm writing this I'm thinking that maybe I'm just having no contact with any new people. Not enough human contact. I guess I'll just have to wait until the school year starts to see If I feel better. While I'm dreading the end of summer vacation, I'm excited to start getting out of the house more. I think while nervous about meeting new people, I'm definitely an extrovert. Being around my friends makes me happier than most things in the world. I think I oughtta do more reading before summer ends while I have free time. I need to learn more stuff and none of the useless bullshit school tries drilling into my skull.
I kinda forgot what it was I was rambling about by now, so I'm gonna wrap up.
good night kids.