Computer broke & QAdventure2

a while ago, my computer broke for like, a week and a half and I hadda buckle down and do nothing computer-related for a long while. If you know me irl, you know that's really fucked. So, for a while I just did shit like read books and watch Seinfeld and scream messages into the void. What was wrong is that my HDD was dying, and couldn't buy a new one because hard-drives cost money that I don't have. My computer was broken from October 7th to October 17th. Now that I read that back, I realize it's not very long, but I felt like I was in fucking purgatory during that time. The way that I fixed the problem was by harvesting the HDD from an older laptop that's been dead for about 2 years that I had lying around. And it was good. It's only 500GB, and honestly it's kind of shitty and I wanna buy an SSD with at least a TerraByte, but; It'll do for now. So that's pretty cool.
In other news, I've been working on a game lately. It's dumb and shittily coded, but a game nonetheless It's a terminal-based text-adventure game written in C called QAdventure. It's on my GitHub, and you can play it and look at the source-code here.

that's about it. piss off.