on 2023/04/02, dr. cat says: "this website is sponsored by catterchan"

on 2022/03/17, vi cultist says: "I don't like Emacs too much :)"

on 2022/02/08, joe-Mega says: "It keeps crashing my phone, did I get a virus? Troubled fat guy (joe-mega) (BOSS HOG)"

on 2021/12/01, Sebastian M. says: "pretty fricking cool website, add a little game on it like snake or chess if you can"

on 2021/10/04, wanda says: "this website is freakin sweat quake grunt.vmp"

on 2021/09/22, RecorderEnthusiast says: "Weird Al Yankovich sucks"

on 2021/09/06, day meulinex says: "i love my friends, i don't know where i'd be without em. shout out to boot rot"

on 2021/09/05, June S. Sai says: "they used to call me SomeJohnnyGuy when i was younger because of the prolapse i had in 3rd grade"

on 2021/09/05, gay retard says: "i'm gay"

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