There He Is Again

Copyright 2022 Octavio Maury
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Fuck. Fuck! There he is again. Watching. Watching.

Attempting sleep is useless. I still feel his presence. The room is pitch black;
There is no moon tonight. I shouldn't be able to see him.

Am I dreaming? Somebody kick me out of my head. I'm losing it. The droning is
getting louder.

I feel a lump in my throat. I want to scream. Where is my body?

Sinking. Sinking.

Those eyes! Fuck! Those eyes!

Awake. There's light again. It's the morning. Time to go and be productive. I
drag myself to the kitchen and drink coffee I don't remember making. I drag
myself to the bus station and live a life I don't remember asking for.

He is still here.
I feel it.

I've made several posts on the net about that fucker that I keep seeing. No one
has any ideas. I've talked to my therapist about it. It's almost like she
doesn't hear me when I tell her.

As I ride the bus to class I still feel his eyes. Those eyes!